Please join us at a new facility with a menu prepared just for us for our Thursday meetings

The Towns County Republican Party will meet at the MAIN STREET GRILL on Thursday, September 15th. The doors will open at 5:15 and a special menu will be offered just for us.

The meeting will begin promptly at 5:45 with our first speaker starting at 6:00PM; Jeff Pierot with “Pierot’s Points”, will discuss “Points” about the legality of some things regarding the raid at Mar-a- Lago, naming of a Master, some conspiracy theories regarding the military, martial law, and our past President. Jeff is not a lawyer but very knowledgeable in these areas. He is looking forward to your questions and comments and bases his answers on historical facts.

After Jeff, our guest speaker will be someone, who wears so many hats it is a wonder how she gets through a day. Rebecca Yardley, elected as Chair of 9thCongressional District of the Republican Party of Georgia, among other elected positions. She is an at large Council Member for the city of Cleveland Ga as well as teaching full-time in White County and most important to a Mom, planning a daughter’s wedding.

Rebecca will enlighten us on what is happening in Georgia to prepare us for the up-coming election cycle, the 9th District counties, and the GAGOP reactions to election integrity.

We guarantee you will be well informed and well fed, if you want good food, when we adjourn.

If you have any questions, please contact Betsy Young at 904-382-1912 or

We hope to see you there.